Buck.It Ready deer in performance food plot

Welcome to Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed 

We offer premium food plot seed for the best results when attracting wildlife to your property. Knowing what deer prefer, when they prefer it and putting the best seed together for the deer and your special hunting spot, is what Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed Mixtures is all about.

When we created Buck.It Ready, we saw an opportunity to take care of an inconvenience that bugs most everyone when establishing food plots. Instead of sending seed flying every direction, but into the seeder, our buckets make it a whole lot easier and controllable. Buckets are also easier to transport to your planting location and keep the seed and mineral safe from the elements.  Buck.It Ready!

As Buck.It Ready Performance Food Plot Seed grows, our seed and product options will as well.  Check back often to see what new products we have to offer!

Enjoy Free Shipping on all our Performance Food Plot Mixes!  Feeling creative, make your own Custom Food Plot Mixture!

A majority of our seed is NOT coated, however some of our legumes (Alfalfa/Clover) are coated.  Coated Seed ensures that the best establishment occurs and the plant health endures with less then optimal conditions.

Featured Food Plot Products

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